Hulk, The Giant 175 Pound Pit Bull !

A Pit Bull named Hulk has been making headlines because of his massive size. At only 18 months he is a staggering 175 lbs and he may quite possibly be the BIGGEST Pit Bull in the World! Now that's an amazing record to hold.

This big boy is not meanie though. Here he is gentle as ever with his 3 year old human brother, giving him a ride on his back.

Hulk lives in New Hampshire with his family and is a great example a peaceful Pit Bull with his calm demeanor and loving soul.

Here is a throwback of baby Hulk in all of his cute, chubby, puppy, irresistible, goodness!

His family, the Grannan's, had this to say about Hulk "My hope is that we can stop ignorance and change people's minds about Pit Bulls in a positive way with all this attention".

Would you add a Pit Bull to your home after watching this gentle giant in action?