May Paw Pack Review with Coupon Code

We have been receiving Paw Pack for 8 months now and I can honestly say that it is like Christmas morning for Bentley every time she sees that pretty turquoise box. Believe me when I tell you that she knows exactly what it is and gets extremely excited to see all the goodies it holds within.

If you aren't familiar with Paw Pack, it is a monthly subscription box for dogs and cats. Why I love it is simple:

It contains quality products that are all natural, grain free, and Eco friendly.

This means I can get new products delivered right to my door each month and trust that they will be GOOD for my dog. They do all the research and put together a wonderful array of products in a pretty turquoise box (which I keep to store what I haven't used yet). I am a busy person so this is the perfect way to keep my dog happy and give her new treats and toys each month without even leaving the house!

This month is the May box and here's a look at what's inside:

The first thing that caught my eye in the May Paw Pack was this Freezy Pups ice tray. It was literally 93 degrees when I opened up the box and as you as all may or may not know, Los Angeles, especially the San Fernando Valley where we reside, gets pretty hot. I was so happy to see this and I know we will be getting many uses out of this.

The next thing that caught my eye was this delectable looking Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack. Fancy right? Bentley loves Buffalo treats so this is a no brainer. What made me happy to see was that the Buffalo used to make these treats were not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Side note: If you aren't aware, the majority of animals that we eat are pumped full of antibiotics since it was proven that it causes rapid growth and because by using antibiotics, farmers are able to keep a large number of animals in very small and extremely dirty conditions. Basically, cows, for example, do not have free range and don't have the freedom to graze on grass, they just stand side by side in their own feces waiting for imminent death while being fed corn, hormones, and antibiotics. Gruesome I know but this is the reality.

These Cycle Dog treats are Grain free and 100% Beef and they come in a pretty color (I'm a girl, I like pink). I love that there is only 1 ingredient. It makes the task of looking through the ingredients list a burden I no longer have. Thanks Paw Pack for doing all the work for me. SCORE!

Bentley has had these Sliders treats before and she just loves them. It's actually pretty funny because she has a little routine that she does. She takes the treat sticks outside to her favorite spot in the backyard, under a tree, and quietly chews on them, reappearing only after she's done, with her tail wagging, ready for more. These have (or I should say lack) the 4 G's : Gluten free, Glycerin and GMO free . This is another healthy choice as a dog treat.

Doggy version of Popcorn but grain and gluten free! Need I say more? Yaky Charms rock!

Of all the toys Bentley has ever had, the ones that squeak will always be her favorite. The perk of the ears and widening of her eyes; it's like doggy heaven. This Ecolast ball is great because it floats and we will be doing some swimming since the heat is already real in Southern California folks.


If you have been looking for a monthly pet box subscription, look no further. I absolutely love Paw Pack and can't say it enough. They go above and beyond to find healthy treats and fun, durable toys. Paws down the best box all around. Don't take my word for it though, check out their Instagram to see all of the happy pups and kitties who get their Paw Packs each month.


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Have a Paw-some day,


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