My Mission is to help fight the stereotypes of the Pit Bull breeds and fight against BSL. Too many times do we see helpless Pit Bulls dying because of the misconception that ALL Pit Bulls are vicious. I know first hand how amazing Pit Bulls truly are and want to show others. Please help us fight for these dogs and help them find loving homes by educating those around you about their qualities and that their downfalls are based on the way they are brought up, not by the breed itself. Pit Bulls make wonderful companions and are very intelligent thus easy to train. If you put time and effort into your Pit Bull you will reap the greatest benefits, a smart, loyal dog that listens to your commands and has a calm affectionate demeanor. Now who wouldn’t want that?



How my love affair with Pit Bulls began

When I was younger, my affinity for animals began. I was drawn to nature and always dreamed of being a vet. My father would teach me all he knew about animals and we had a strange collection of animals over the course of my childhood. My father and I would try to help wounded animals anytime we came across one. I remember finding a pigeon that had a puncture neck on one of our bike rides. We took him home and my dad sewed him up and we kept him until he healed up nice before releasing him. I had a squirrel, a crow, an opossum, lizards, mice, hamsters, sparrows, frogs, fish… the list goes on but I had always wanted a dog. I knew that with a dog I would share a different relationship than with smaller animals. We lived in an apartment but my father promised we would get one when we moved into a bigger place. Unfortunately, he passed away before we were able to move to a house. After our move into a house, I begged my mom to let me get a dog and I finally convinced her. I visited the local animal shelter and fell in love with a beautiful caramel color American Staffordshire Terrier. She just looked up at me with the sweetest little puppy eyes, her ears back. I knew she was the one. She was a skinny stray about 6 months old and we immediately built up a strong relationship. I named her Mama and started training her right away. She picked up on commands very quickly and seemed to love learning. I was 14 and had never trained a dog before but I was able to teach her sit, stay, lay down, shake hands, climb up the ladder, jump, roll over, go outside, get off the couch and many other verbal commands. She was such a loving girl and helped me get through some hard times and helped with the loneliness and hurt that I was feeling. I ended up in an abusive relationship a couple years after getting her and I will never forget the day when she defended me while I was getting hit. She heard me screaming and came running and barking and growling and stood right in front of me even though he kicked her and punched her. She never backed down until he stopped and she then chased him all the way down the street. She would’ve given her life for me. I had her for 9 years.

I now have my wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier Bentley and she is just an all around amazing dog. She is intelligent and very easy to train as well as highly social and extremely sweet. She like babies, cats, dogs and small animals. I never have to worry about her being aggressive towards anyone, much to the shock of some people. I want to show the world that Pit Bulls can and do make extremely wonderful and loyal dogs by posting my pictures and stories for the public to form their own opinion, which I am hoping will be favorable.


I ♥ Pit Bulls !