The Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs 2018



If you're looking for the latest products for your dog then look no more. We've compiled this list for your online shopping convenience. This is The Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs 2018. So now go ahead and spoil your special pup. Happy Shopping!




1. Keep your dog stylish and warm in this cozy Plaid Dog Sweater. It comes in sizes XXS through XL.





2. Keep your dog busy and in tip top shape with this Agility Course Set that is sure to wow your guests and keep Fido's brain stimulated.

agility set.jpg



3. These Adorable Fruit Dog Toys will keep your pup busy and if you have the time you can teach your dog to differentiate between the different varieties!

fruit dog toys.jpg



4. Engage your dog's brain with this Interactive Dog Toy that will challenge and occupy your dog's time.

brain game.jpg



5. Try this Dog Food Topper next time you feel like jazzing up your dog's food.

dog food toper.jpg



6. This Memory Foam Dog Bed will ensure that your dog will sleep his or her most comfortable sleep ever!

Memory Foam Dog Bed.jpg



7. Keep Fido entertained with this Dog Ball Treat Dispenser while you're away and keep him mentally stimulated.

dog ball dispenser.jpg



8. Keep your pup clean with this Organic Pet Shampoo that soothes itching and promotes a healthy coat.

dog shampoo.jpg



9. Try this Aromatherapy Freshening Spray next time your dog needs a quick refresher or for a calming effect.

dog spray.jpg



10. Your dog will love this awesome modern Cactus Dog Teepee and your home will now have a fun new conversation starter.

cactus dog teepee.jpg



11. Try these yummy Peanut Butter & Jelly Dog Treats since you really can never have too many dog treats.

dog treats pbj.jpg



12. Use this Reversible Dog Blanket when it's chilly or anywhere your dog needs an extra layer of comfort like in the car or a crate.

dog blanket.jpg



13. This Feeding Mat engages your dog's natural sense of foraging for food and stimulates their brain.

foraging mat.jpg



14. Next time you go on a hike or a long trip try these Collapsible Dog Bowls to replenish your dog with water and food.

dog bowl.jpg



15. This Dog Backpack is perfect for the active dog and owner who love to explore the outdoors together.

dog backpack.jpg




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Driver's Licence For Pets


How fun would it be if you could create a customized Driver's License for your pet? Not only would this be a great conversation starter but a fully functional Identification Card that could serve a useful purpose if your pet is ever lost. Well thanks to My Pet DMV you can make a special Identification Card with a picture of your pet and all your pet's stats like height, age, and even eye color.

I thought that making Bentley her very own Pet Driver's License was the perfect idea since I have misplaced her ID tag. I wanted something that would have her information on it in case she wandered off, which has happened a couple times.

One day last year I had a panic attack because someone left our back gate open and Bentley had gotten out. I searched for her around the neighborhood and even looked on Craigslist's lost and found and pets section to no avail. She was missing all night and I couldn't sleep. All sorts of thoughts were running through my mind. Was she hit by a car, taken to live with a new family, lost and scared? All that I kept thinking was that this is all my fault for not having made some new id tags. Maybe if I would have she would be back at home safe. The next day I went searching for her again and thankfully found her. She was at a neighbor's house around the block. They said that they had seen me walk Bentley before but they didn't know which house I lived in. After this incident I realized that ID tags are crucial and always need to be worn, you never know what can happen and our beloved pets are irreplaceable.

My Pet DMV gives you the option to upload any photo of your pet and it includes all of your pet's information such as: Phone number, address, sex, height, weight, date of birth, hair color, eye color, restrictions, and even a signature. They send you a Driver's License Identification Card and a key chain version so that you can put one on your pet's collar. Each ID features the same look of your State ID. Bentley has a California ID and it looks just like mine and I love it because I got to choose my favorite picture of Bentley!



We received our ID Card and tag in a couple days and I immediately put the tag on Bentley's collar. We then headed to the dog park and Bentley was definitely a hot topic. People would pet her and reach down to her ID tag and have a laugh. They all loved the fact that the tag looks like an actual Driver's License and featured her picture. I felt peace of mind knowing that if anything ever happens to her that at least there is a way to know where she lives.



Each My Pet DMV Identification Card is made in the United States and a portion of the proceeds helps animals in need. Free Shipping is include with each order. You can also preview your ID before purchasing to make sure it looks exactly how you would like it to. This would make a great gift for any pet owner!


See what others are saying:


“These are the most authentic licenses I’ve seen. We’ve tried another Pet ID License company, only to see the quality was horrible. These IDs are authentic and match my real license!- Charley, Newport CA


“Our Pet Licenses lasted almost four years without fading or falling apart. The keychain ID is the best.- Baxtor, New York, NY


"My license came in the mail the same week my mom ordered it. When I went to the dog park on Friday night, I was the hit of the park. Thanks MyPetDMV!" - Tiger,Nederland, TX


Take 25% off your purchase of MY Pet DMV IDs with code: MYPITBULL



Would you make a Driver's License for your pet? Let us know in the comments!


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Pebby: Best Smart Dog Toy For 2017

Throughout history, technology has advanced and we have found more and more ways to stay connected to the ones we love. Whether it be through Cell Phones or Social Media, we have an need to keep in constant contact with others and that is because it makes us happy to keep in touch with those that matter most to us. Now what if there was a way to keep in touch with your beloved pet while you are away from home with only the click of a button? Well now there is!

Pebby is the innovative new dog toy that let's you monitor and communicate with your pet from anywhere in the world simply through an downloadable App on your Smart Phone or Device.


Pebby is a robotic ball that is Wi-Fi enabled and features a camera that enables you to see everything your dog does while you are away, but it doesn't stop there. Pebby lets you listen in on and speak to your dog plus Pebby is able to move around and not only follow your dog, but play with him too.



Pebby's Unique Features



Smart Design

Pebby's spherical shape allows it to roll around and follow your pup's every move while streaming your dog's activities in real time straight to your smart phone or device.


2 Way Communication

With its built in speaker, Pebby allows you to not only hear what your dog is up to but it enables you to send sounds like a "Woof" or even snippets of your own voice so you could say "Good Boy" or "I love you" anytime and from anywhere.


Play Time

Pebby is able to play with your dog with its state of the art "Play" and "Repel" modes, which can help with boredom and keep your dog entertained for hours on end.


Wireless Charging

A long battery life comes standard with every Pebby but when the battery does get low, you don't even have to be around to charge your Pebby since it is able to wirelessly dock and charge itself. This means that you will always have access to your dog.



You can change the look of your Pebby with EASYfix™ magnetic caps that are so easy to use even a child can do it. This means you can switch up your Pebby's look anytime you please. Some patterns are even specifically designed to be recognizable to dogs.



Night Mode

With built in LED lights you can see your dog even in the dark, so no time of day is off limits for keeping tabs with your pup. There's even a laser pointer if your dog is into that, if not the cats sure do love it.



With its shatter proof and waterproof outer shell made of Poly Carbonate material, Pebby is made to last. This means that drooling won't be an issue and you can rest assured that a bit of rowdy playing won't break Pebby.



Each Pebby Robotic Ball comes with its own Charging Kennel and a PebbyCollar™ with beacon tracking technology that monitors and records your dog's playtime, rest, and certain behaviors. All of these recordings can be found right on the Pebby App which will be available for download in the Android PlayStore and Apple AppStore. The best part is that if you have multiple pets, they can each wear a Pebby Collar and all of their activities will be tracked and accessible on your device.


With all its amazing features, its not hard to see why Pebby is not just a hot new tech device but the future of pet products. You can now bridge the gap between man and dog with the click of a button and keep in constant contact with your cherished family member. Pebby enables you to peek into the life of your dog and understand certain behaviors and may even help to stop them.


  • With Voice Commands you can distract your dog from let's say, chewing on the chair.


  • Separation anxiety can be a thing of the past for both of you since you can see every move your dog makes and he can hear your voice and be comforted.


  • You can Engage your dog with playtime to keep them occupied and happier instead of letting boredom strike.


  • Managing your Dog's Activities has never been easier thanks to the easy to use Pebby App that allows you to access your dog's info anytime.


  • You can Snap Photos of your dog and save your favorites in a gallery in the Pebby App and even share them if you feel inclined


With Pebby the possibilities are endless just as your love for your pet. The only hard now part is choosing your favorite design!


See What People Are Saying


"This is so innovative and awesome! I really want to get one for my Husky Jaxx!" - Rachel C.
"This will be so helpful for keeping an eye on our 10 month old Boxer. It's hard to have an eye on him all the time!" - Jocelynn H.
"One of my dogs is obsessed with balls, he would absolutely love this!" - Monica M.



Pebby on Kickstarter

Check out the Pebby Kickstarter Campaign to find out about the different pledges you can make including one for 50% off the face value but hurry because these great deals won't last!



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Pet Cameras: How to Choose, Install and Use Them

Are you interested in knowing that your furry friends are OK, secure and safe even when you're not at home? Now it’s possible! Find out how!


How To Use A Pet Cam


Looking for a special device that can help you watch your littlest furry family member? We know what you need - a good pet cam!


Generally speaking, a pet camera is a special monitoring device, which allows pet owners to stay connected to their little fur-friends when they are away from home. What makes this ultimate spy device for any pet lover and not just a simple home security camera is that pet cams are created with pets in mind and has interactive features specifically designed for pet owners. Any good pet cam will let you remotely communicate with your furry friend while you’re away, because of useful features like:


  • 2-way audio to speak to your pet and hear it   

  • Interactive laser


The best dog or cat monitoring cameras also have at least 3x digital zoom to see your little buddies if they are hiding somewhere or hanging out in the back of your room. These are just some of the special options that any pet lover would find handy. Of course, there are others too!


Setting up a pet cam to watch your pet when you are not around is not difficult. Follow these steps to get started.


First of all, decide where to buy your pet camera. Today, there are dozens of companies offering pet cameras. To select the most suitable monitoring device for your little fur-buddy, we recommend checking some pet camera comparison sites because in most cases, such high-tech gadget review sites invest a great deal of time and effort into deciding which ones to recommend. Plus, you can decide what will work best for you based on the features you want the most.


Before we go further, here are some tips on how to choose the best monitor for your pets.


Tip Number 1: A cat camera is similar to a dog cam, and both of them have the same capabilities.


Tip Number 2: Some advanced pet cameras have a special cloud video recording service, which is a nice way to go back and review your pet’s activities and to make sure your home is safe.


Tip Number 3: Look for features like sound and motion alerts, which can help you remain even more confident that your pet is OK when you have to leave him or her home alone. Plus, these features allow you to react when anything potentially dangerous or harmful happens.


Let’s get back to setup. First, think about the most suitable spot to place your pet monitoring device. Of course, much depends on the device you choose and its wide angle view. Make sure that once it is setup, the camera’s view the entire area that you want to monitor.


Next, switch the camera on and connect it to your phone or tablet.


That’s it! After that, you can start keeping an eye on your little furry friend from any location and at any time. Happy monitoring!


The Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs 2017


The Holidays are right around the corner so we've compiled an Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs for your convenience and if you order now, you can get any of these gifts for your dog delivered to right your doorstep before December 25th 2016. Don't worry if you can't order everything in time. Use this awesome Amazon Gift Guide as your go to when deciding what to order for your dog in 2017!




1. Delicious Maple Bacon Ice Cream that is as easy as adding water and freezing and voila, your pup has a tasty treat!



2. An adorable Poop Squeaky Toy that is sure to have your dog occupied for a while with its double squeaker feature.



3. A Beary Cute Snood to keep your dog warm and so stylish that no one will be able to keep their paws off our furry pal.



4. A modern Dog Bowl With Built in Scale to keep your dog on a healthy track, after all a healthy pet is a happy pet!  (We actually have this one so we highly recommend it!)



5. A Bazooka Tennis Ball Launcher that literally shoots out tennis balls so you don't have to throw them by hand. Perfect for the ultimate game of fetch for the ball obsessed dog in your life.



6. This Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake because let's be honest, dogs are huge peanut butter lovers.



7. A Healthy Cookbook featuring 125 Recipes that you can make for your lucky pooch.



8. A Doughnut Squeaker that doesn't have any messy stuffing and is not only super cute but pretty durable too. (We have one!)



9. A Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew that will literally keep your dog occupied for hours. (We know from experience)



10. These cute Dog Themed Silicone Molds to make your dog some special homemade treats.



11. A funny Beer Squeaky Toy that you might just want to keep for yourself. Oh and the selection is great as they have different alcoholic brands to choose from according to your preference.



12. A hilarious and awesome Dog Grill Toy that is sure to have everyone cracking up in laughter a the sight of a blinged out dog.



13. An HD Dog Camera that allows you to watch and hear your dog from anywhere via your smartphone an it also can toss treats. Now that's cool!



14. Some yummy Blueberry & Chicken Flavored Dog Treats that your dog will surely devour with delight. (These are some of our favorite treats!)



15. This Daily Reminder to feed the dog if you or someone in your home tends to have a bad memory.



16.  A portable and foldable Dog Water Bottle perfect for going on hikes with your dog.



17. A comfy Bicycle Basket for the little dog that wants to ride along.



18. This ultra Modern Chic Teepee that will fulfill all of your dog's lounging and sleeping needs and look amazing in your home.







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