The Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs 2017


The Holidays are right around the corner so we've compiled an Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs for your convenience and if you order now, you can get any of these gifts for your dog delivered to right your doorstep before December 25th 2016. Don't worry if you can't order everything in time. Use this awesome Amazon Gift Guide as your go to when deciding what to order for your dog in 2017!




1. Delicious Maple Bacon Ice Cream that is as easy as adding water and freezing and voila, your pup has a tasty treat!



2. An adorable Poop Squeaky Toy that is sure to have your dog occupied for a while with its double squeaker feature.



3. A Beary Cute Snood to keep your dog warm and so stylish that no one will be able to keep their paws off our furry pal.



4. A modern Dog Bowl With Built in Scale to keep your dog on a healthy track, after all a healthy pet is a happy pet!  (We actually have this one so we highly recommend it!)



5. A Bazooka Tennis Ball Launcher that literally shoots out tennis balls so you don't have to throw them by hand. Perfect for the ultimate game of fetch for the ball obsessed dog in your life.



6. This Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake because let's be honest, dogs are huge peanut butter lovers.



7. A Healthy Cookbook featuring 125 Recipes that you can make for your lucky pooch.



8. A Doughnut Squeaker that doesn't have any messy stuffing and is not only super cute but pretty durable too. (We have one!)



9. A Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew that will literally keep your dog occupied for hours. (We know from experience)



10. These cute Dog Themed Silicone Molds to make your dog some special homemade treats.



11. A funny Beer Squeaky Toy that you might just want to keep for yourself. Oh and the selection is great as they have different alcoholic brands to choose from according to your preference.



12. A hilarious and awesome Dog Grill Toy that is sure to have everyone cracking up in laughter a the sight of a blinged out dog.



13. An HD Dog Camera that allows you to watch and hear your dog from anywhere via your smartphone an it also can toss treats. Now that's cool!



14. Some yummy Blueberry & Chicken Flavored Dog Treats that your dog will surely devour with delight. (These are some of our favorite treats!)



15. This Daily Reminder to feed the dog if you or someone in your home tends to have a bad memory.



16.  A portable and foldable Dog Water Bottle perfect for going on hikes with your dog.



17. A comfy Bicycle Basket for the little dog that wants to ride along.



18. This ultra Modern Chic Teepee that will fulfill all of your dog's lounging and sleeping needs and look amazing in your home.







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Honest Pet Products Dog Toys (Plus Giveaway!)


Bentley, lucky girl that she is, just received a box full of beautiful dog toys from a company called Honest Pet Products and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on these awesome toys so stick around if you would like an honest review and a chance at WINNING your own all natural dog toys in our GIVEAWAY! 


Honest Pet Products was founded by Mary Wolff in 2010 and the concept behind the idea was to "make a difference" in the world in a way that truly mattered. Mary's idea to create eco-friendly pet toys emerged from playing with her own two Yorkies, Willie and Sophia. She realized how all of their toys eventually ended up in the trash bin and therefore in a landfill so she decided to design sustainable and durable dog toys that would last and Voila; Honest Pet Products was born.



The three basic principles of the company are simple :  

  1. To be True to our Pets

  2. To be True to our Planet

  3. To be True to our People


The dog toys are made with all natural Hemp which is not only durable, it is also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and it doesn't rot so it will last alot longer than a plastic or synthetic fiber alternative. Hemp is also a biodegradable material which is the best part because it doesn't leave a carbon footprint and further pollute our precious mother earth.  Each dog toy is made by developmentally disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the wool cat products are handcrafted by impoverished women in Mongolia.

When the mailman delivered Bentley's package I opened up the box, set it down, and let Bentley do her thing. The box was filled with an array of beautiful dog toys and the first one she gravitated towards was the "Eco Quacker", a large duck filled with organic wool that makes a chirping sound when you shake it that resembles a bird. 


The first thing I noticed about these toys was the quality. The hemp is not only beautiful but makes for a very sturdy toy that proved it wasn't going to fall apart after a day of playing with it. Honestly the toys were so nice that I didn't even want to take them and damage them with play but after a full day of playing with the duck, it still looked good as new and I didn't baby it at all! If you have a large dog, especially a pit bull, you know how these guys love to play hard and how some toys don't last more than a day let alone more than five minutes. I tossed that duck all around our backyard until Bentley was too tired to play anymore. 


On the second day Bentley reached for the "Eco Owl Buddy", which I think is absolutely adorable, and played with it by herself for a while. When she was done she decided to lay down with him and take a nap. I think it's safe to say she likes her new little owl friend very much!

On the third day, Bentley reached for the "Eco Fetchin Stick" so off we went to play with it. This time my daughter wanted to join in on the action, hence the fairy wings. After another fun filled day of dog play, the stick held together and I didn't have a bunch of pieces of "filling" all over my yard, as happens with other stuffed dog toys. You know what I mean, when it looks like a toy exploded and the guts are sprawled all over the place? Not this time though thank goodness!

After over a week of playing with these toys, I can say that I love them! I love the fact that they have not fallen apart and I don't have to clean up a mess of torn apart toy parts in my yard. I also enjoy the fact that they are eco friendly and made of natural products since Bentley carries them in her  mouth and my daughter handles them. I don't want toxic chemicals or products around my family and especially not Bentley mouth. I appreciate their beautiful design and the concept behind the company and the message that Mary Wolff is spreading with these toys.



I have decided to share my newfound love for Honest Pet Products by having a GIVEAWAY! This will be an Instagram Exclusive giveaway open to anyone so if you would like to enter click here for all the details and good luck to everyone that enters. (Contest ends on Wednesday, August 17th 2016 so Hurry!)



Below is a picture of what the lucky winner will receive!







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Our Favorite Paw Pack Products for Dogs!

I have been receiving Paw Pack boxes for over a year now and decided to go ahead and compile a list of our (Bentley especially) favorite products. If you aren't familiar with Paw Pack, it is a curated monthly subscription box that provides your dog with a box full of goodies each month. These fun boxes includes only the most wholesome selection of all-natural and grain-free treats and chews, along with irresistible toys and unique functional accessories

This means no more hunting and trying out brands and products searching for the best. Paw pack does all the work for you and saves you time by delivering right to your door.

So let's get started on our favorites!

1. Cycle Dog Trail Buddy 100% Beef Treats

2. Zippy Paws Emoji Dog Toy 


3. Look Who's Happy Tempt'n Tenders With Chicken & Pumpkin


4. Paw Pack Dog Treat Holder


5. Whole Life Treats With Yogurt, Pumpkin, Apples, & Carrots


6. Good Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters


7. Zippy Paws Ice Cream Cone Dog Toy


8. Wellness Dog Treats With Salmon, Whitefish, and Pomegranate


9. Charming Pet Cow Dog Toy


10. Isle of Dogs Freeze Dried Treats With Duck, Apples, & Green Beans


11. Max Bone Hippo Dog Toy


Take 10% off your own Paw Pack with code  : MYPITBULLFRIEND !



Do you receive a Paw Pack? If so which items are your favorites? Leave a comment below! 



Instagram Giveaway For Dogs!

Guess What Time It Is?

That's right, it's Giveaway time! If you have been following us on Instagram you may have already seen this but if not, now is your opportunity to enter. 

One lucky Dog will win a fun package from Bentley filled with some of her favorite treats, toys, and one of our very own Handmade BOW TIES!  There is no cost to enter and anyone may enter.


Here Are The Rules

1. Head on over to our Instagram page.

Here is the direct link to the post ---> Instagram Giveaway

2. Follow us ---> @mypitbullfriend

3. Like the post and tag three of your friends


Simple Right?!

The winner will be chosen at randon. You have until October 5th 2015, 12pm Pacific time to enter so hurry hurry!



Good Luck!


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May Paw Pack Review with Coupon Code

We have been receiving Paw Pack for 8 months now and I can honestly say that it is like Christmas morning for Bentley every time she sees that pretty turquoise box. Believe me when I tell you that she knows exactly what it is and gets extremely excited to see all the goodies it holds within.

If you aren't familiar with Paw Pack, it is a monthly subscription box for dogs and cats. Why I love it is simple:

It contains quality products that are all natural, grain free, and Eco friendly.

This means I can get new products delivered right to my door each month and trust that they will be GOOD for my dog. They do all the research and put together a wonderful array of products in a pretty turquoise box (which I keep to store what I haven't used yet). I am a busy person so this is the perfect way to keep my dog happy and give her new treats and toys each month without even leaving the house!

This month is the May box and here's a look at what's inside:

The first thing that caught my eye in the May Paw Pack was this Freezy Pups ice tray. It was literally 93 degrees when I opened up the box and as you as all may or may not know, Los Angeles, especially the San Fernando Valley where we reside, gets pretty hot. I was so happy to see this and I know we will be getting many uses out of this.

The next thing that caught my eye was this delectable looking Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack. Fancy right? Bentley loves Buffalo treats so this is a no brainer. What made me happy to see was that the Buffalo used to make these treats were not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Side note: If you aren't aware, the majority of animals that we eat are pumped full of antibiotics since it was proven that it causes rapid growth and because by using antibiotics, farmers are able to keep a large number of animals in very small and extremely dirty conditions. Basically, cows, for example, do not have free range and don't have the freedom to graze on grass, they just stand side by side in their own feces waiting for imminent death while being fed corn, hormones, and antibiotics. Gruesome I know but this is the reality.

These Cycle Dog treats are Grain free and 100% Beef and they come in a pretty color (I'm a girl, I like pink). I love that there is only 1 ingredient. It makes the task of looking through the ingredients list a burden I no longer have. Thanks Paw Pack for doing all the work for me. SCORE!

Bentley has had these Sliders treats before and she just loves them. It's actually pretty funny because she has a little routine that she does. She takes the treat sticks outside to her favorite spot in the backyard, under a tree, and quietly chews on them, reappearing only after she's done, with her tail wagging, ready for more. These have (or I should say lack) the 4 G's : Gluten free, Glycerin and GMO free . This is another healthy choice as a dog treat.

Doggy version of Popcorn but grain and gluten free! Need I say more? Yaky Charms rock!

Of all the toys Bentley has ever had, the ones that squeak will always be her favorite. The perk of the ears and widening of her eyes; it's like doggy heaven. This Ecolast ball is great because it floats and we will be doing some swimming since the heat is already real in Southern California folks.


If you have been looking for a monthly pet box subscription, look no further. I absolutely love Paw Pack and can't say it enough. They go above and beyond to find healthy treats and fun, durable toys. Paws down the best box all around. Don't take my word for it though, check out their Instagram to see all of the happy pups and kitties who get their Paw Packs each month.


If you would like to try Paw Pack you're in luck. We have a special promo code exclusively for you to take 10% off your purchase. Just enter MYPITBULLFRIEND at check out.



Have a Paw-some day,


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