9 Pit Bull Myths

1. Locking Jaws

Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws. In fact there is no dog breed that is actual able to "lock" their jaws and Pit Bull jaws and teeth are no different than any other dog.


2. Aggressive

Some people believe that all Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive but this is a myth. Studies have actually shown Dachshunds to be the most aggressive of all dog breeds.


3. Untrainable

These dogs love to learn. They are actually very intelligent and highly trainable. They strive to please their owners and with proper training make wonderful pets that are able to learn a plethora of new tricks and commands.


4. Not Social

Pit Bulls are dogs and dogs are social creatures. They thrive in packs and take on humans as part of their pack. As with any dog, proper socialization creates a dog that is calm and able to get along with all humans.


5. Attack Small Pets

Pit Bulls are able to get along with all sorts of animals and are able to be very gentle. It all comes down to good social skills and training, which is the case with all dogs. Reinforcement of good behavior is imperative.


6. Bad With Kids

Any dog can be great with children and Pit Bulls are no different however you should always supervise your children around any dog and teach your child the proper ways to behave around dogs to prevent mishaps.


7. Not Smart

On the intelligence scale, Pit Bulls actually score higher than most breeds. They are very smart and may be used as Service Dogs and Police K-9. They thrive in environments that stimulate them and love to learn and make humans happy.


8. Will Turn On You

One of the most loyal breeds are Pit Bulls and they will go to great lengths to serve their owners. There are even cases where Pit Bulls have died while protecting their owners.


9. Monsters

The fact is that a dog is a dog. The best thing is to treat dogs with respect and learn how to train them properly. Pit Bulls are not monsters, no dog is a monster.



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