Benefits of Adding Supplements to Your Dog's Diet

Many people benefit from the use of supplements in their diet to get all of the nutrients they need to optimize their health and it's no different for animals. In fact your dog may greatly benefit from additional nutrients added to their diet.


I get asked many times what I feed Bentley and an vital part of her diet is Krill-Oil, Mutli Vitamins, corn free dog food, lots of exercise and even more Love. I believe that in order to optimize your dog's health and increase their vitality there are certain steps you can take just as you would for your own health.


First off I want to discuss the Krill Oil which I find to be a great addition to any dog's diet. Krill Oil is one of the most important things you can add to your dog's diet and the reasons are plenty.


What is Krill Oil?

Krill Oil comes from a tiny shrimp like animal and it contains Omega-3 Fatty acids which is an essential fat that is very important but not one that the body can make on its own so it is important to add it to your diet. Most commercial pet foods contain high levels of Omega-6 but not enough Omega-3, which is far more beneficial, due to cost levels.


Benefits of Krill Oil


  • Reduces inflammation

  • Supports healthy skin & coat

  • Supports healthy immune system

  • Provides cognitive and joint support

  • Aids with dry skin and dander

  • Reduces autoimmune diseases including: Arthritis, Heart disease, Kidney disease, and Brain disease


I give Bentley 2 Krill-Oil Omega-3 Soft Chews daily.



Multi-Vitamins for Dogs

If you are like most people and do not home cook your dog's meals then you can benefit from adding a Multi-Vitamin to your dog's diet. Cheap dog food doesn't contain enough of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to thrive. Some of the benefits of adding a Multi-Vitamin to your dog's daily diet include:


1) Healthier Skin and Coat

2) Increased Energy

3) Strengthened Immune System


Essential Vitamins Your Dog Needs


  • Vitamin A: Essential for eyesight.

  • Vitamin E: Helps body create red blood cells.

  • Vitamin B-12: Promotes cell growth.

  • Calcium: Strengthens teeth and bones.

  • Vitamin D: Helps body absorb calcium

  • Iron: Helps transport oxygen throughout body.

  • Potassium: Heart Health

  • Vitamin C: Boosts immune system

I give Bentley 1 Multi-Tabs Plus Vitamin/Mineral Supplement daily.



My Results

Since putting Bentley on a healthier path with the addition of Krill Oil and Multi-Vitamins I've noticed that her coat is shinier and she has more energy to burn as well as her endurance. She last longer on walks and hikes and doesn't tire as easily as before. I thought I would share an exclusive offer with my readers since so many of you have asked me to share my tips with you.


Want to try Supplements for your Dog?

I've teamed up with HealthyBreeds to offer my readers an exclusive deal of 10% off any Supplement for your dog with code: bentley10 until August 30th 2015. Take advantage of this offer and try adding supplements to your dog's diet and see the results for yourself!




Disclaimer: As with any new diet it is best to consult with your Veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns and if your dog suffers from allergies make sure you read the ingredients list carefully. Supplements work to help your dog's immune system but do not act to cure any existing disease but may act as an aid so please do your research. Vitamins should not be substituted for a lacking diet but instead added to a balanced diet to promote optimal results. I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing my results and these may vary from person to person.





Let me know your results!