Pit Bulls Are Amazing: Words from Owners who Love them

So last month, October, was Pit Bull Awareness month and we wanted to share some of the stories you sent us about why your Pit Bull is AMAZING. Here are a few of your stories in your words to shed some light on the most misunderstood breeds of all: the Pit Bulls.


“I just had to share my sweet boy, Goose! He turned three today, and I rescued him a little under three years ago from a farm right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been one of the best friends a girl could ask for, and such a joy. Pitbulls really are the sweetest! “ - Emma



"Hey there :) My name is Sami (@samisandss) and I have a blue pitbull named Bailey. My boyfriend and I adopted her from the humane society around 2 months ago. She is now 6 months old and was abandoned in an old run down hotel room with her mom and sister. We love her so very much and is the best dog we have ever had. Pitbulls are a misunderstood breed and it's so sad since mine is the sweetest and most loving dog ever." - Sami



"My pitbull, technically he's a BullyPit, Buster is the guy with the black eye :) Here our story:Two years ago around this time of the year, my mom decided that I needed a dog because of my PTSD. A family friend was giving away some puppies so of course we jumped to the opportunity. We took the puppy home, not even knowing or caring what breed he was. As he got older and my mom did more research on him, we figured out he was a BullyPit, half purebred pit and half purebred bulldog. I hadn't heard about the stereotypes of pit bulls nor did I care why people were scared of my puppy. As I got older, I was trying to register him as my ESA and it was then that I found out what pit bills were known for. There wasn't an ounce of me that believed that pits could EVER do what the media claims they do. So now, two years later I wear my "I Love Pitbulls" trucker hat almost every day, generally with a pit bull t-shirt. And to prove how sweet of a dog Buster is, we recently got Molly, a 7 week old full pit bull. They're rough, but Buster could never hurt anyone like the media says he would." - Karissa



"I have had Maddie since she was 4 weeks old, now almost 2 years old. Maddie is amazing because she is always changing people's minds about pitbulls, I can't name how many people we have had tell us she is so well behaved, and that she definitely makes them realize that it's all about how the breed is raised. Especially kids, Maddie adores kids of all ages." - Jeanette



We love hearing your stories and sharing your love of Pit Bulls with the rest of the world. If you have a story you would like to share please email us at mypitbullfriend@gmail.com and attach pictures!



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