Pit Bulls That Love Valentine's Day!


Love is in the Air and we have just what you've been searching for: Pit Bulls celebrating that special time of year. A time filled with chocolate and roses galore. Feast your eyes on this wonderful occasion of Pit Bulls Celebrating Valentine's Day!



1. Be Ours, Please! 


2. Best Valentine's Day Gift EVER! 


3. I Love my Woman! 


4. I Got You All Dis Cuz I Wuv You


5. The Perfect Date Night Ensemble


6. Dis Is My Special Valentine!


7. I Give You These Roses To Show How Much I Love You Human


8. I Love You, No Bull !


9. Who Can Say No To This Smooth Operator?


10. Dis Flower Is For You!


11. Hugs and Lots of Wet Kisses XOXO


12. A Gentleman and His Woman 


13. YES, YES, YES, I'll Be Your Valentine Human!


14. Next Year I'll Have A New Human To Love


15. You Are the Best Human Any Dog Could Ask For!


16. Don't Worry My Kisses Are Free For You 


17. Valentine's Day With Bae 


18. A Rose For My Rose!



19. Cupid's Aim Was Right On Target 


20. Thank You For Adopting Me Human, You Make Everyday Valentine's DAY! 






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