10 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands


Ah makeup, the wonderful land of makeup where you can spend about an hour at your local Sephora swatching and testing different products or look like  a crazy woman going to your 24 hour drugstore in the middle of the night because you can't get your mind off that must have new lipstick shade. Yes I've been there and it's ok but do you ever wonder if your makeup has been tested on animals? This is a topic I recently became interested in as my love for makeup has grown exponentially.

I started doing some research and compiled a list of 10 makeup brands that most of you may be familiar with that do not test their products on animals and this brought me joy because I own a lot of products from these brands. So if you would like to know if your makeup stash is ethical or not take a peak at these well known brands that are considered cruelty free!



1. Too Faced 

First on the list is Too Faced and who doesn't love their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes that smell this chocolate? Umm yes please! While this may be on the higher end of the makeup spectrum and one that isn't sold in drugstores, you can still snag some good deals via their website where you get a free gift with every purchase. Now that's SWEET!


2. Elf 

ELF is a highly affordable brand that I have been loving since I first saw their products hanging in my local Target and with such affordability it is awesome to know that they too are cruelty free so now you can look great on a budget and know that you are not supporting animal cruelty.


3. Wet n Wild 

Wet n Wild has been a favorite of mine since childhood in the 90s where I would beg my mom to buy me nail polish or an absurd color of lipstick (metallic silver anyone?). It's great to see that my childhood favorite has made the list.


4. Kat Von D 

Kat Von D is known for her vegan lifestyle so it's no surprise to see that her cosmetics line follows suit. With gorgeous palettes and edgy lipstick shades, this line is edgy, modern, and the packaging is cute too!


5. Becca 


Becca has recently become well known for their gorgeous highlighters which give you the most amazing glow and have you looking like a goddess. While it is a more expensive brand it is worth the splurge once in awhile especially when it's cruelty free!


6. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Once known as the queen of eyebrows, Anastasia has truly become a star in the cosmetic world with gorgeous products from the perfect eyebrow pencil to beautiful lipsticks, and contour kits. This is one brand you must have if you support ethical makeup.


7. Hard Candy

This is another childhood fav that can be found in Walmarts and is super affordable. They have a nice selection or products but my favorite has to be their beautiful blushes. 


8. Milani

Ok seriously, Milani has great products and can be easily found at drugstores. Their lipsticks and blushes are amazing, literally, and they are affordable. Thinking of Miliani makes me want to go to the drugstore right now! 


9. Physician's Formula

If you have not tried out Physician's Formula you don't know what you're missing and if you have then you know all about their awesome bronzers and highlighters. Go to your local drugstore or Target/Walmart and check out their ethical selections.


10. Sonia Kashuk

If you ever browse the Target beauty aisle then you are familiar with this brand and their beautiful makeup brushes but they do make some affordable makeup that is cruelty free so they made the list and seriously those holiday makeup brush sets are amazing and you need to pick one up when the holidays roll around!



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