The Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs 2017


The Holidays are right around the corner so we've compiled an Amazon Gift Guide For Dogs for your convenience and if you order now, you can get any of these gifts for your dog delivered to right your doorstep before December 25th 2016. Don't worry if you can't order everything in time. Use this awesome Amazon Gift Guide as your go to when deciding what to order for your dog in 2017!




1. Delicious Maple Bacon Ice Cream that is as easy as adding water and freezing and voila, your pup has a tasty treat!



2. An adorable Poop Squeaky Toy that is sure to have your dog occupied for a while with its double squeaker feature.



3. A Beary Cute Snood to keep your dog warm and so stylish that no one will be able to keep their paws off our furry pal.



4. A modern Dog Bowl With Built in Scale to keep your dog on a healthy track, after all a healthy pet is a happy pet!  (We actually have this one so we highly recommend it!)



5. A Bazooka Tennis Ball Launcher that literally shoots out tennis balls so you don't have to throw them by hand. Perfect for the ultimate game of fetch for the ball obsessed dog in your life.



6. This Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake because let's be honest, dogs are huge peanut butter lovers.



7. A Healthy Cookbook featuring 125 Recipes that you can make for your lucky pooch.



8. A Doughnut Squeaker that doesn't have any messy stuffing and is not only super cute but pretty durable too. (We have one!)



9. A Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew that will literally keep your dog occupied for hours. (We know from experience)



10. These cute Dog Themed Silicone Molds to make your dog some special homemade treats.



11. A funny Beer Squeaky Toy that you might just want to keep for yourself. Oh and the selection is great as they have different alcoholic brands to choose from according to your preference.



12. A hilarious and awesome Dog Grill Toy that is sure to have everyone cracking up in laughter a the sight of a blinged out dog.



13. An HD Dog Camera that allows you to watch and hear your dog from anywhere via your smartphone an it also can toss treats. Now that's cool!



14. Some yummy Blueberry & Chicken Flavored Dog Treats that your dog will surely devour with delight. (These are some of our favorite treats!)



15. This Daily Reminder to feed the dog if you or someone in your home tends to have a bad memory.



16.  A portable and foldable Dog Water Bottle perfect for going on hikes with your dog.



17. A comfy Bicycle Basket for the little dog that wants to ride along.



18. This ultra Modern Chic Teepee that will fulfill all of your dog's lounging and sleeping needs and look amazing in your home.







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