20 Pawsome Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween is the best time to dress up your dog and display his or her alter ego. We've compiled a list of 20 fun, awesome, amazing, and super adorable Dog Costumes to inspire you this Halloween or just straight up entertain you. Whether your dog secretly wishes to be a Pretty Princess or a Superhero, these imaginative dog costumes are sure to give you ideas that you can either DIY or purchase for your pup!


1. Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Ghostbuster dog costume



2. This Is A Job For A Dog

Construction dog costume



3. Dapper Dogs

Dapper Dog Costume



4. Monroe, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe dog costume




Flintstones dog costume



6. The Mummy Returns

Mummy dog costume



7. Let Me Be Your Superhero

Superhero dog costume



8. Bee Happy

Bumblebee dog costume



9. Little Space Traveler

Astronaut dog costume



10. Bad Guys Beware!

Batman and Robin dog costume



11. Grr-Ruff-indor

Harry Potter dog costume



12. Life Sized Beanie Baby

Beanie Babies dog costume



13. A Royal Pooch

King dog costume



14. Delicious Looking Dogs

Taco dog costume



15. There's No Place Like Home

Dorothy dog costume



16. Who Ordered The Pup-kin Spice Latte?

Pumpkin Spice Latte dog costume



17. Giddy Up

Toy Story dog costume



18. Let Me Be Your Minion




19. Happy As A Clam -Err Lobster

Lobster dog costume



20. Would You Like Fries With That Shake?

In n Out




Which One Is Your Favorite?