7 Delicious Dog Treat Recipes

Are you looking for delicious homemade dog treat recipes for your furry friend? Well then look no further! We have compiled a list of scrumptious dog treats that look so absolutely irresistible you may want to take a bite out of them yourself.

1. Strawberry Banana & Mint Dog Muffins

First up on the list are these yummy looking muffins filled with fresh strawberries and mint. Don't they look delicious? Get the recipe here: Strawberry Banana and Mint Dog Muffins

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2. Frozen Peanut Butter & Yogurt Dog Treat Hearts

These frozen dog treat hearts are perfect for the peanut butter loving dog. With their cute shape and simple recipe you can whip these up anytime! Get the recipe here: Frozen Peanut Butter and Yogurt Dog Treat Hearts

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3. Puppy Pancakes

Who says your dog can't enjoy some of the same breakfast foods that you love and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day why not make some for you and your dog? Get the recipe here: Puppy Pancakes

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4. Dog Biscuits With Cream Cheese Frosting

These dog biscuits are everything with their fun colors and yummy cream cheese frosting they are sure to be a hit. Make them for your dog's birthday or have a dog party and serve these to the four legged guests and they will surely impress. Get the recipe here: Dog Biscuits With Cream Cheese Frosting




Dog Ice Cream.jpg

5. Strawberry Coconut Butter Dog Ice Cream

Looking for a sweet cool treat for a hot day? This 3 ingredient dog ice cream is the go-to dog treat for the hot summer months. Get this recipe plus 2 more flavors here: Strawberry Coconut Butter Dog Ice Cream

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6. Apple Crunch Pupcakes

If your dog is a fan of apples then these delightful little pupcakes will be a big hit. Decorate them and offer some to your friends that have dogs and impress them with your baking skills. Get the recipe here: Apple Crunch Pupcakes

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7. Peanut Butter & Bacon Dog Ice Cream Sandwiches

Peanut Butter, Bacon, Ice Cream, and Cookies! Shall I say anymore? While this is a two part process, the end results look amazing and your dog will thank you with a million dog kisses if you make this special treat. Get the recipe here: Peanut Butter and Bacon Dog Ice Cream Sandwiches

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3 Ways Your Dog Can Beat The Heat This Summer!


We all know that the summer sun is strong and can make it hard to cool down but these 3 tips should help make summertime more enjoyable and cooler for your furry friend! 



1. Get A Kiddie Pool

We all know that summer is the best time to go swimming and it sure does feel great to relax in the cool water. Many dogs actually enjoy swimming too but if you don't have a swimming pool don't worry because the next best thing and one that won't break the bank is the perfect solution for you, your kids, and your dog. Kiddie pools are inexpensive and can be used over and over as long as you keep it fairly clean. Your dog will love wading around in the cool water on a scorching day - hey maybe you can join in on the fun too. Now that's a WIN-WIN!



2. Make Frozen Dog Treats 


Who doesn't love a nice frozen treat on a hot summer day? Ice cream anyone? Well you can easily make some frozen treats that you can enjoy with your dog. Making dog treats doesn't have to be hard, it can be as easy as freezing fruit. There are a multitude of recipes on the web, some of which are extremely easy and others which take more time, so you are sure to find one to suit your needs. Here are a few ideas that are human and dog friendly, aka- YOU CAN EAT THEM TOO!

A super easy way to cool you and your dog down that is also delicious is with frozen watermelon. Just cut the watermelon into bite sized pieces, freeze, and voila!


You can even take it a step further and pour blend watermelon and water, pour into a fun mold, and freeze. You can even use these as ice cubes for your drink. 

How about some yummy peanut butter and banana? Just cut pieces of bananas, dip them in peanut butter and freeze, and you have another yummy treat you can enjoy with your pooch. 




3. Freeze Your Dog's Toys

This one is probably the easiest summer tip of all. All you have to do is pop your dog's favorite toy in the freezer for a couple hours and you're done. You can even go ahead and freeze a small pillow for yourself and you can both relax and stay cool in the hot summer days. 




Now all you need to do is go out and enjoy your summer! 



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Peaches n Creme Frozen Dog Treats That You Can Eat Too!


On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a nice cool popsicle to beat the heat. The only problem is that store bought popsicles are pumped full of sugar and are not necessarily the best options for your dog, or you for that matter.


This recipe is super easy and a healthy option that your dog will love and that everyone in your family can enjoy!



12 ounces of Vanilla Yogurt (Subsitute for Plain if you don't want added sugar)

2 Peaches

½ Cup of Water

Pretzel Sticks



Cut peaches into small pieces and mix into vanilla yogurt. Add water. You may blend if you want a smooth texture or leave it as is to enjoy chunks of peaches with every bite. 



For Dogs:

Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and place a pretzel stick into each slot. Freeze for 2-3 hours.

Tip: If the pretzel doesn't stay put, place the ice cube tray in the freezer for a while and stick the pretzels in when the solution has thickened a bit. 


(Bentley loved these treats, especially since the weather has been in the 100s these past few days)



For You:

Pour the mixture into a popsicle tray. Freeze for 2-3 hours. Enjoy!


(My daughter insisted on holding the popsicle herself. She loves anything cold so I let her enjoy it on her swing.)




Tip: You can use any fruit you like. Here is a list of fruit that is okay for dogs to eat however if your dog suffers from allergies it's always best to consult your vet before feeding him anything you're unsure of. 



Fruit Dogs Can Eat 
















Now you can make all sorts of frozen fruit and yogurt combinations. If you REALLY want to indulge, use---> ICE CREAM! Hey throw in something fudge or caramel while you're at it. It will be worth the extra calories, trust me! 



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