Honest Pet Products Dog Toys (Plus Giveaway!)


Bentley, lucky girl that she is, just received a box full of beautiful dog toys from a company called Honest Pet Products and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on these awesome toys so stick around if you would like an honest review and a chance at WINNING your own all natural dog toys in our GIVEAWAY! 


Honest Pet Products was founded by Mary Wolff in 2010 and the concept behind the idea was to "make a difference" in the world in a way that truly mattered. Mary's idea to create eco-friendly pet toys emerged from playing with her own two Yorkies, Willie and Sophia. She realized how all of their toys eventually ended up in the trash bin and therefore in a landfill so she decided to design sustainable and durable dog toys that would last and Voila; Honest Pet Products was born.



The three basic principles of the company are simple :  

  1. To be True to our Pets

  2. To be True to our Planet

  3. To be True to our People


The dog toys are made with all natural Hemp which is not only durable, it is also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and it doesn't rot so it will last alot longer than a plastic or synthetic fiber alternative. Hemp is also a biodegradable material which is the best part because it doesn't leave a carbon footprint and further pollute our precious mother earth.  Each dog toy is made by developmentally disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the wool cat products are handcrafted by impoverished women in Mongolia.

When the mailman delivered Bentley's package I opened up the box, set it down, and let Bentley do her thing. The box was filled with an array of beautiful dog toys and the first one she gravitated towards was the "Eco Quacker", a large duck filled with organic wool that makes a chirping sound when you shake it that resembles a bird. 


The first thing I noticed about these toys was the quality. The hemp is not only beautiful but makes for a very sturdy toy that proved it wasn't going to fall apart after a day of playing with it. Honestly the toys were so nice that I didn't even want to take them and damage them with play but after a full day of playing with the duck, it still looked good as new and I didn't baby it at all! If you have a large dog, especially a pit bull, you know how these guys love to play hard and how some toys don't last more than a day let alone more than five minutes. I tossed that duck all around our backyard until Bentley was too tired to play anymore. 


On the second day Bentley reached for the "Eco Owl Buddy", which I think is absolutely adorable, and played with it by herself for a while. When she was done she decided to lay down with him and take a nap. I think it's safe to say she likes her new little owl friend very much!

On the third day, Bentley reached for the "Eco Fetchin Stick" so off we went to play with it. This time my daughter wanted to join in on the action, hence the fairy wings. After another fun filled day of dog play, the stick held together and I didn't have a bunch of pieces of "filling" all over my yard, as happens with other stuffed dog toys. You know what I mean, when it looks like a toy exploded and the guts are sprawled all over the place? Not this time though thank goodness!

After over a week of playing with these toys, I can say that I love them! I love the fact that they have not fallen apart and I don't have to clean up a mess of torn apart toy parts in my yard. I also enjoy the fact that they are eco friendly and made of natural products since Bentley carries them in her  mouth and my daughter handles them. I don't want toxic chemicals or products around my family and especially not Bentley mouth. I appreciate their beautiful design and the concept behind the company and the message that Mary Wolff is spreading with these toys.



I have decided to share my newfound love for Honest Pet Products by having a GIVEAWAY! This will be an Instagram Exclusive giveaway open to anyone so if you would like to enter click here for all the details and good luck to everyone that enters. (Contest ends on Wednesday, August 17th 2016 so Hurry!)



Below is a picture of what the lucky winner will receive!







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