Whistle: The App That tracks Your Dog's Activity !


Whistle is the new innovate dog monitor that tracks your dog's daily levels of activity and rest. Whistle features a device that slips on to your dog's existing collar and is tracked onto an app that you can download onto your smartphone. Once you've downloaded the app, you sync the device to your phone for your dog's data to be collected 24/7.


Once you're synced it's time to make a profile. Simply answer a few questions about your dog and you're ready to get started.



The next thing you want to do is your dog's activity level. I have Bentley's set at 40 minutes a day at the moment but this can be changed anytime you like.


The Whistle app shows you peaks when your dog is active and it even shows you a timeline so you can see the detailed breakdown for yourself. You are able to see when and for how long your dog has rested as well. The best thing is that you have 24/7 access to your dog's profile now matter where you are. That means that you can check up on your dog during your lunch break at work or while your on a business trip you are able to see if your dog's caregiver has been providing adequate amounts of play and walks.




I have been using the Whistle now for almost 2 weeks and I was able to see how Bentley's activity changed on a daily basis. She reached her 40 minute goal 4 out of 7 days the first week. This tells me that she is less active on days when I am gone most of the day.

I also noticed that Bentley likes to run around the backyard late at night. The blue peaks represent her activity levels and on this particular night she was active between 12 and 1 am. I always thought that she slept throughout the night but now I know that she most certainly does not. 


Overall I am quite please with the device and the app. First off I must say that I found the actual device to be sturdy. I thought for sure that it would come off with rough play with other dogs but it didn't budge. It is also waterproof which is great because it rained and Bentley likes to play in water.

Another plus is that the battery life is great. It lasted 9 days off of the first initial charge and the app notified me as soon as the battery started to get low.



I feel that this app has actually helped me to better understand my dog. I see that since she is much less active when I am not around (which I thought was the complete opposite), I can make up for it and take her on longer walks.


By helping her hit her activity goal I can also help myself reach my own. I can specifically track our walks together throughout the week. This is great and can be a great motivation to those needing a little boost to get active. This way you can be active with your dog and it is beneficial for the both of you.


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