7 Nifty DIY Dog Projects


Looking to buy your dog some fun new stuff? Well check out this list of DIY projects first if you're feeling crafty. There might just be something you can make yourself, or go for the gold and make them all. Here are: 7 Nifty DIY Dog Projects



1. Dog Leash Holder

Are you the type to always misplace your dog's leash? Well here is the answer to your dilemma, a beautiful and useful dog leash holder that also includes dog treat holders so you can reward your pup on your walks. Find the instructions here: Dog Leash Holder

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2. Dog Bed

Why not try your hand at making a nice comfy bed for your dog? After all nap time is something we all enjoy more when we have a comfortable place to lie our heads. Find the instructions here: DIY Dog Bed

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3. All Natural Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo

Getting rid of fleas can be a hassle and not knowing exactly what ingredients are in flea shampoos can be frustrating. This Anti-Flea Shampoo is an all natural solution for the pesky critters and the best part is that you know exactly what ingredients are involved. Get the instructions here: DIY All Natural Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo

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4. Dog Bookend

This simple DIY will add a splash of color and a bold statement to your library. You may even use these neat bookends on your desk to showcase a few of your favorite books. Find the instructions here: DIY Dog Bookend





5. Dog Toy Box

Does your dog have an array of toys? Well then this adorable toy box may be just the thing you need to store all of Fido's goodies. You can keep everything in place and even match your decor. Find the instructions here: DIY Dog Toy Box

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6. Dog Treat Dispenser

Cure your dog's boredom with this fun game that reaps treats as the reward. Every time your dog tips the bottle, a wonderful surprise will fall out. Find the instructions here: DIY Dog Treat Dispenser

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7. Dog Treat Jar

Add a personalized touch to your dog treat jar with his name or any word you choose that may describe your furry friend and then fill it up with some yummy treats. Find the instructions here: DIY Dog Treat Jar

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