DIY Dog Art For Under $3



If you're like me and you're a bit obsessed with your dog and a huge DIY lover then you will absolutely love this easy project that cost me less than $3 to make. Yup that's right, less than $3!

This literally took no more than 10 minutes and now I have a wonderful picture of Bentley to hang in my home. 



2 Pieces of thick colored paper. (I found some at Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Store for .79 each )

1 Picture Frame ( Got this one for $1 at Dollar Tree)





The first thing you need to do is find or take a good picture of your dog with a white background like this one I took of Bentley.


Then you need to take the picture and use any photo editing software either on your phone or computer to make the picture Black and White.

(On my phone I use the app Aviary and on my computer I use  BeFunky . Both are very easy to use.)



Now that you have your black and white picture it's time to choose your color scheme. I chose a bright pink and neon green for a pop of color. I decided that I would like my background to be green and my main subject, Bentley, to be in pink.


Put the paper color which you chose for your subject into the printer and print out the black and white picture onto it. 

Now grab those scissors and cut out your subject and glue the peice onto the background.

Now the hard part is done. All that's left is to place your image into a picture frame and Voila, you are done! Easy Right? Now you'll be able to create all sorts of fun art to hang all over your home!


 photo laurad_zpsa4868a52.png