Pet Cameras: How to Choose, Install and Use Them

Are you interested in knowing that your furry friends are OK, secure and safe even when you're not at home? Now it’s possible! Find out how!


How To Use A Pet Cam


Looking for a special device that can help you watch your littlest furry family member? We know what you need - a good pet cam!


Generally speaking, a pet camera is a special monitoring device, which allows pet owners to stay connected to their little fur-friends when they are away from home. What makes this ultimate spy device for any pet lover and not just a simple home security camera is that pet cams are created with pets in mind and has interactive features specifically designed for pet owners. Any good pet cam will let you remotely communicate with your furry friend while you’re away, because of useful features like:


  • 2-way audio to speak to your pet and hear it   

  • Interactive laser


The best dog or cat monitoring cameras also have at least 3x digital zoom to see your little buddies if they are hiding somewhere or hanging out in the back of your room. These are just some of the special options that any pet lover would find handy. Of course, there are others too!


Setting up a pet cam to watch your pet when you are not around is not difficult. Follow these steps to get started.


First of all, decide where to buy your pet camera. Today, there are dozens of companies offering pet cameras. To select the most suitable monitoring device for your little fur-buddy, we recommend checking some pet camera comparison sites because in most cases, such high-tech gadget review sites invest a great deal of time and effort into deciding which ones to recommend. Plus, you can decide what will work best for you based on the features you want the most.


Before we go further, here are some tips on how to choose the best monitor for your pets.


Tip Number 1: A cat camera is similar to a dog cam, and both of them have the same capabilities.


Tip Number 2: Some advanced pet cameras have a special cloud video recording service, which is a nice way to go back and review your pet’s activities and to make sure your home is safe.


Tip Number 3: Look for features like sound and motion alerts, which can help you remain even more confident that your pet is OK when you have to leave him or her home alone. Plus, these features allow you to react when anything potentially dangerous or harmful happens.


Let’s get back to setup. First, think about the most suitable spot to place your pet monitoring device. Of course, much depends on the device you choose and its wide angle view. Make sure that once it is setup, the camera’s view the entire area that you want to monitor.


Next, switch the camera on and connect it to your phone or tablet.


That’s it! After that, you can start keeping an eye on your little furry friend from any location and at any time. Happy monitoring!