Why Pit Bulls are Awesome


After being a Pit Bull owner for over 11 years, I feel that I am qualified to give you reasons as to why Pit Bulls are absolutely the best dogs. Hopefully I can change your mind if you've ever doubted their greatness. These are the top ten reasons why Pit Bulls are awesome but we all know there many many more.


1. Pit Bulls are very athletic. Pits are bundles of energy and can keep up with the most active of lifestyles. Whether you hike, run, or skateboard, these pooches will keep up with you and keep you company. Their lean and muscular bodies make them agile and able to endure long hours of activity.


2. They aim to please. Pit Bulls were made to follow direction and love to please their humans. When there is something they can do for you they will enjoy it, especially being rewarded with praises and pets after doing so.


3. The are easy to groom. With their short coats, they are super easy to groom only requiring a regular bath, some ear cleaning and some teeth cleaning for clean gums and fresh breath. If you keep your Pit active, nail clipping should be very minimal due to the nails filling down against the ground.


4. The Pit Bull smile. One of my favorite characteristics has got to be the famous Pit Bull smile. If you've seen it you know exactly what I mean, if not then you are missing out on cuteness overload.


5. They have personality. Every Pit Bull I meet has it's own distinct personality from the laid back type to the completely off the wall hyper Pit, the are uniquely interesting. Their facial expressions and mannerisms will have you laughing. They don't have a problem trying to tell you what's on their mind. Whether you can decipher their message is a different story though.


6. Pit puppies make your heart melt. Okay, puppies in generally make my heart melt but not like a pit puppy. There's just something about their tiny little faces that make me squeal with joy and want to squeeze them especially when they have plump little bellies. Just adorable!


7. They are easy to train. With a strong desire to make their owners happy, Pit Bulls are among the top breeds that are highly trainable. They follow direction very well and love performing tricks to show off their skills.


8. They know how to be gentle. Pit Bulls know how to be gentle with children, babies, smaller animals, the elderly and the disabled. There are many Pit Bulls that are service dogs because of their trainability.


9. They are the best cuddlers. Pits love to cuddle up next to you and keep you warm, they'll even get under the blanket with you. They love being comfortable and might use your pillow for their heads. Sharing the bed with you is one of their favorite things to do.


10. They are all around attractive. Pits are good looking dogs that come in an array of colors. They come in different sizes depending on the specific breed, whether it is American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier or Bull Terrier there is a style bound to fancy even the pickiest person.

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