How A Craft Dog Food Has Inspired me ($7 Coupon Inside!) #InspiredByCrafted

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Over the last few months you may have noticed me raving about Bentley's new dog food by Hill's Ideal Balance™ Crafted® and I have every reason to brag a little about it. The truth is, most people don't look at the ingredients in their dog food and my goal is to get you to start noticing exactly what you dog is eating.

Hill's dog food is:

  • Made in Small Batches
  • Oven Roasted
  • Grain Free
  • Made with Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Perfectly Balanced Nutrition



Hill's has done a wonderful job with their Small batch Artisan Crafted dog food which has been Oven roasted in a Homemade style. It features ingredients that I feed to my family, like chickpeas and chicken, and has inspired me to cook as often as possible and even take a cooking refine my skills in the kitchen.


What I learned in my cooking class is that creating food is a form of artwork and to be able to make a masterpiece you must first start off with the best materials. That is why choosing natural ingredients is a key in making a delicious meal. The second thing I learned is that food is not just something we eat but it conjures up feelings and emotions. Not only does food take over all of your senses but it can also take you places. Taking a bite of a delicious meal can bring back long lost memories like your childhood Sunday dinners or Grandma's homestyle cooking.

I learned that masterpieces take time and can't be rushed and this is so true about food. Making sure each component is added at the right time and cooked to the perfect temperature is what gives the meal life and flavor. Just like a lasagna that must be assemble piece by piece but when it you take a bite of the finished product it is like symphony with different ingredients all coming together in harmony, complementing one another in the perfect balance of flavor.


The final thing I learned is that food is the essence of life. It has the ability to create a better and healthier you if you make conscious decisions. This is why I would like you to please look at the labels of dog food when shopping. Food can keep you healthy or make you sick and it is the same for your dog. Some things you can look for which are included in Hill's pet food are:



1) Lean Protein- which keeps your dog slim, trim & healthy


2) Grain Free & Gluten Free iron rich legume which helps maintain healthy muscle for an energetic & healthy lifestyle


3) Flavorful natural herbs which provides a flavorful accent to the food your dog will love


4) Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids which improves skin and coat.



Since I get to enjoy the beauty making delicious homemade meals for my family I obviously want my dog to enjoy the same standard of quality food when it comes to her dog food and Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted dog has hit the nail on the head for me. They have taken each and every aforementioned point into consideration and implemented it into their dog food so that my Bentley can enjoy the masterpiece that is food and since I want the best for my dog this is my ideal dog food for her.


Afterall, who doesn't like seeing their dog smile? 



Something else I've been inspired to create is a new food bowl for Bentley. Check out this awesome tutorial on just how to create your own raised dog food bowls!



Here is an exclusive coupon so your pet can enjoy some delicious homestyle food!


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Now get to cooking,


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