Hi, I'm Bentley! I'm a bow tie wearing, baby loving, cat friendly, human licking machine. I'm an American Pit Bull Terrier and I live in sunny Los Angeles California with my mom and my human sisters, Camille and Natalie.


I have so many hobbies because my mommy keeps me so active. I love going hiking in the surrounding mountains and frequenting the local parks. I adore playing at the dog park and interacting with all the other dogs I meet and showing them how athletic I am. I get along with cats too, my best friend is my kitty roommate White Lightning. My mom says that I'm a social butterfly. I'm always learning new tricks and commands. My favorite has to be going in circles and jumping through hoops. I am the best at fetching balls and dropping them in baskets. I think car rides are awesome and I'm so good at giving kisses. I love showing off my intelligence by wearing glasses and bow ties.


Some people are scared of me at first glance because my mom says dogs like me are stereotyped. Well I don't know what that means but I love everyone I meet and they quickly change their minds about me when they see how gentle and sweet I am.



"My goal in life is to turn everyone I meet into a Pit Bull LOVER" - Bentley the Pit Bull






I love taking pictures wherever I go and now you can follow my adventures through my Instagram page!



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