4-Year-Old Girl Feeds 6 Pit Bulls: Proof it's the Owner not the Dog!

I'm sure many of you have seen the video that has gone viral of a 4-year-old girl commanding her six Pit Bulls to sit and stay before feeding them but if you haven't, here it is.

This amazing video has received a lot of exposure and with that comes opposing opinions. There are many people that praise the awesomeness of a girl of such a young age being able to not just control one dog but six! Then of course there are people against this video since the dogs just so happen to be Pit Bulls, so they automatically hype up this display to be super dangerous or bad parenting because the plausibility of this occurrence, for some odd (and very wrong) reason, they think Pit Bulls aren't capable of this. It's like they are just waiting for some vicious attack to happen because they have been over saturated with the "all Pit Bulls attack" mentality so instead of praising they complain.

Well screw that! This is a pack of Friendly, Trained, Loving Pit Bulls, and this little girl is their family and she is learning the right way to raise dogs.

Kudos to your parents for taking the time to train these beautiful dogs and teaching you how to command them like a Champ!



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