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I'm happy to announce my first guest blog by an amazing woman named Maria who shares a love for Pit Bulls. Enjoy her post and visit her blog to see beautiful pictures of her life and read her wonderful stories. - Laura D.

Hi, my name is Maria. I’m a Swedish girl, living in California. I’m a proud pitbull mom. I recently adopted my second pitbull and decided that it was a good time to start blogging about why I think that pitbulls are the perfect breed of dogs. At my two pitbulls Whitey and Copper kill some common misconceptions about pitbulls.

Last year my husband and I decided to make a cross country trip with our RV, and of course our little baby and two very active dogs. Some of are friends said that we were a little crazy for doing something like that. Maybe we are, we probably are :)

My Pitbull Whitey was almost a year when we headed out. (My husbands German Shepard Stella, was three years old.) Whitey  requires about 3 hours/day of exercise to be happy. He comes with me when I hike, ride my horses or work. Basically if I go somewhere, so does Whitey. It was an awesome experience to bring our dogs on this adventure!!

How did we keep the dogs satisfied and happy during our long trip, with many hours of driving on most days? The answer is simple, many breaks. In the morning and evening I took them for long walks, or played with them in a dog park. During the drive we stopped every other hours for 15-30 min to let them out. When they play together they use a lot of energy. I usually break up their play after a few minute to do some training with them. Sometimes one and one, and sometimes both dogs together. I repeat some basic commands, and ask them to do things (like fetch a stick or swim over a river.) They both love to have that kind of interaction. It stimulates them mentally, which is an important part of a happy dog life.

When we stopped at a restaurant to eat, we always tried to find a good shady spot for them. I’m very grateful that the dogs are well behaved, it sure makes bringing them a lot easier. Something to think about before bringing animals on a trip, it is beneficial to do some training, take an obedience class etc before the trip. If your dog is used to being in different kinds of environment, it helps as well.

I love this sign, it’s actually written in the menu, at one of my favorite restaurants in CA. Even if every restaurant/store/shopping mall doesn’t have signs like this, it’s more likely that noone would say anything if you bring your dog, if your dog is well behaved. Even for a “hated breed” like a Pit Bull, when people meet Whitey, most of them don’t say anything. I feel that training my dog is more important, because of peoples miss conceptions about my dog’s breed. I want to be a living proof that it’s all about the owner, the training, how you treat your dog. My dog doesn’t know anything else than love, he gets enough exercise and training every day. He’s definitely not a threat to anyone.

However, during our trip we did have some bad reaction to Whitey being a pitbull. This is one of them:

“When we arrived to Boise we checked in at Hi Valley RV Park The park was nice and clean. RV spaces tiny, but the dog area huge. However..when we left the next morning they told us that dogs like ours, “Dangerous dogs” wasn’t welcome in the park. I guess they didn’t see the dogs when we came, and I guess we’re not going back there.. It’s kind of interesting because when I took Whitey for a walk, just a few minutes before, a Chihuahua attacked him, and bit him several times. He just wagged his tail, my dangerous dog..”

(The photos are from that same evening inside our RV.)

I’ve met several people on our walks that look scared and take the long way around, change side of the street etc when I walk Whitey. It makes me sad, and that's one of the reasons why I started Pitbulls that are treated with love, trained and get enough exercise are awesome dogs. If they are used to kids they are usually very tolerant  and enjoy the company of children. Before I had Whitey I had another pitbull mix, she was exactly the same love bomb (she died of old age last year.)

Now I just adopted Copper from a local shelter. He is a 6months old pitbull (or pitbull mix?) Copper is very tolerant with our daughter as well. He loves to play with her and overwhelm her with kisses. none of my pit bulls ever showed any aggression towards other dogs. If you’re thinking about getting a dog I can highly recommend a pitbull. If you have the time to exercise the dog. They are active dogs, without enough exercise they often chew on things, and/or bark. They are an intelligent breed and learn very fast.

If you have a pitbull and would like to write a guest post on my new blog, I would be delighted! You can contact me via email


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